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Night Safari, can only be experienced in the African bush.

On nightsafari.com and SafariLodges.com you are in direct contact with the night safari operators and other related service providers. Night safari is a wildlife experience that we recommend. With a handheld torch sweeping across the road the guide can pick up eyes which reflect the lights.  And it is amazing to see how many eyes there are out in the darkness of the bush. A night safari starts after the dinner. A guide and a driver take you out on a game drive, into the darkness. On many night game drives you will also come across a chase or a kill. Sitting in the darkness without seeing anything gives you a special feeling, when you listen to what is going on. You can hear the warning sound from the antelopes, they know when a lion is around, you can also listen to the hyenas tracking the lions for a free meal. The focus on night safaris is all about the sounds and the eyes. On NightSafari.com and SafariLodges.com you will find night safari operators, which can offer you this special service. Night safaris are higly recommended, as a complement to the day light game drive.  

Following Service Providers can offer you and your group a night safari:
Nkwali Safari River Camp
Manyatta Rock Camp
Sausage Tree Camp 
Amukela Game Lodge

Before you can send any enquiry you have to "
Register "  some basic contact details. This information will enable you to start sending multiple enquiries and receive offers into your new account, " My Safari  ", On this site you will be in direct contact with the night safari operators and other service providers. All your booking- and planning work will be easier, when you have all the information in one place. You can monitor the progress of your planning and better coordinate activities and accommodations. Finally, all this service is free for our regitered travellers.

Welcome to NightSafari.com and SafariLodges.com.
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